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Date : Sept. 24, 2000

Subject : Re : Koizyme

Dear Koizyme,

Having kept fish of one species or another for over 30 years and koi for the last 10, I know that most years I will lose one or two fish despite all the care I take with the water quality. However, following the introduction of several new koi selected in Japan last October, nothing prepared me for the loses I have incurred since their addition to my pond. The pond is 3000 gallons in a conservatory with a vortex, matting bio-filter, UV, venturi and Hydro-clean type filter system. After the introductions, there were 23 koi in the pond of all sizes from 8‰ - 24‰ plus 2 large grass carp.

Problems started early in the year with excessive jumping and flicking which could not be prevented despite the addition of all the usual medications. Testing the water showed ammonia, nitrite, pH and dissolved oxygen to be normal. Inevitably, some of the koi developed sores but the rate of deterioration of the ailing fish was alarming. Every week more koi had red marks on them but unlike previous years, these never healed. Mouth sores - something I had rarely seen before in my pond appeared on over half of the koi and even one of the 30‰ albino grass carp started to show some red on its mouth. Fin damage on several koi appeared to be unstoppable, even cutting off the infected part and applying topical treatment failed to prevent further deterioration. By the middle of July I had lost 9 koi and was coming to terms with the inevitable - I was going to lose all my koi and nothing could prevent it. After all, there were only 16 fish in 3000 gallons of healthy well circulated water. The tests for water quality showed it had never been better. The clarity was excellent and being indoors nothing could be in the water without my knowledge.

I then read an advertisement in Koi Carp magazine about Genesyz (Koizyme ). Having worked for over 30 years in laboratories developing products from new raw materials for the coatings and graphic arts industries, I have an inherent scepticism of wonderful claims made by suppliers. However, the mechanism by which Genesyz (Koizyme) functions intrigued me and I immediately checked the web site for my local supplier. The following day I purchased 1 liter of Genesyz (Koizyme) and added 150 mls to the pond that evening. I read the instructions, but always added more Genesyz than necessary because I knew that this was my last chance of staying in the koi keeping hobby. Cost was unimportant at this stage having already lost many times the value of this bottle of Genesyz.

After 3 weeks, I noticed there had been no further deterioration in the condition of any of the fish. After a further week, I started to make optimistic notes about the chances of survival for some of the less seriously affected fish. Now, after 8 weeks of treatment with Genesyz (Koizyme) and just starting my second bottle, I can again enjoy my koi with them all apparently recovering well and feeding ravenously. The sore mouths have all returned to their normal colour only leaving the scars where tissue has rotted away. The rotted fins are now regenerating except where the rot has reached the body. But most surprisingly, a kohaku with a large red sore area approximately 2.5‰ across, which I had given up all hope of saving is now well on the way to full recovery - unbelievable !

Thanks for this superb product which has saved both my fish and my participation in this hobby. Having found this truly effective product, I will continue to use it all year round and look forward to the price adjustment when the economies of scale become effective !!

Melvyn Garlick




I am a regular user of this product and in my first year (without Koizyme) lost my total stock through ulcers and dropsy. Since using Koizyme, I have not lost one Koi and further to this, I have found that any minor scrapes or lost scales which would have called for topical treatment, have cleared up without any intervention. All I can add is that its' worth every penny when you compare it with the cost of replacing your Koi, even the not so very expensive ones!

P. McPherson, the U.K.



From :

Date : December 27, 2000

RE : Koizyme

Hi Tom!

Thanks so much for the speedy reply. I fired off my E-mail - not even hoping for a response this week. You are GREAT! I do appreciate the info. Especially about the smell of the 'new & improved' Koizyme. I have to tell you - Koizyme is FANTASTIC. I'm a diehard Doc J fan - and use a scope.... so I like to think, that most of the time, I have a handle on what's going on. (I'm a good friend of Rick Hess's, too!) Okay, so with those bits of trivia - let me tell you I had nasty Dacs all summer. It was the best I could do to keep the numbers manageable - but since I had lots of new fry, I didn't want to get out any really heavy artillery. ( I used Trichlorfon, only 2 ppm PP w/salt [cuz of the fry], a bit of Formalin - well, you get the picture. Even with massive weekly water changes - and several 100% water changes AND 4 ppm PP for the adults separately in a bucket - I *still* had Dacs.

But guess what? NO secondary bacterial infections. Nada. You'd *never* know the fish had Flukes without a scope. My guys didn't even flash. [Mostly they spawned!] I used Koizyme throughout the season. I had even told Rick Hess and HE was impressed. (I keep show quality fancy goldfish - and they're very delicate - much more so than koi.)

So...... come fall, I brought the pond inside [above ground], and the fry are now bigger, so I can Nuke the Dacs "till they glow". Tank tear down, out come the Fluke Tabs, more PP (4 ppm now) - - and guess what? I STILL have Dacs! Unbelievable. Except NOW I've got *real problems* cuz I ran out of Koizyme. So presently, the fish are exhibiting bacterial problems - I'm feeding MediGold antibacterial food and injecting Baytril into the one that isn't eating.

Pulled out my wallet - again - and got the fish Praziquantel [Droncit/Biltricide] for Christmas. Those damn Dacs had better be gone. Just finished the treatment - so I'll wait a week or 2 to verify microscopically. (Flukes are getting tougher and tougher to eradicate - but that's not news to you, I'm sure.)

Be advised that the fish did not exhibit *any* bacterial complications from the Flukes *whatsoever* as long as the water was being treated with Koizyme. No antibiotics, no medicated food, no injections - just happy fish, clear water (and Dacs). The *only* thing that changed, which caused illness, was that I had run out of Koizyme. That's when sh*t hit the fan, so to speak. [Did I tell you the stuff is FANTASTIC? ;) ]

Next stop - ChloramineT tomorrow to cleanup bacteria on the fish - and then add Koizyme again. I'll never be without it again!!!! NEVER! ( I just put a 'drop' in my baby fry bucket. My fished spawned -again- in November!!!) Yes, I've got loads of O2 - always have 2 very large airstones, plus a TT filter with waterfall. Thanks again for the assurances, Tom. Wish me luck! And a big "thank you" and congratulations for bringing such a wonderful product to market and available to hobbyists. My fish would have really suffered this past summer without it. What a difference it makes. It's like jet fuel against bad bacteria. Incredible stuff! Every serious - and beginner - hobbyist should have it and use it. It's essential - like dechlor. Did I mention I'll *never* run out again? Ever.

Kindest regards, and have a Wonderful New Year!

Judy Nagy
Toronto, Canada


To : Tom Holder
Koi Care Kennel

From : Sumner Avenue Water Gardens

Date : May 1, 2000

Re : Koizyme

Dear Tom ,

Just wanted to let you know you were right. Koizyme is not another snake oil . I had some problems with mouth rot on a few fish and after using Koizyme for four weeks all my fish that had mouth rot recovered completely without suing any other products to clear this problem. I have used many products in the past for mouth rot however none worked. Koizyme WORKS !!! Not only did it take care of the disease in my pond, but my water which us usually very clear, turned to glass. Many of the small floating particles were gone. Again, had to have been from the Koizyme. I am looking forward to using Koizyme in all of the ponds that I maintain for my customers. I am truly grateful I'm dealing with your product.

Michael Przewoznik


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Date : June 24, 2000

RE : Koizyme

Summer 2000

Dear Tom,

Just a quick note regarding my experience with Koizyme.. I started using Koizyme around June 1999. The main reason for using it was that the pond was getting sick&Mac226; every six months for the last few years. More than half the fish in the pond would get bacterial lesions every Spring and Autumn. I had for several years been injecting 10 to 15 koi with antibiotics to fight the problem. I was dreading the next bout of fish disease that Autumn. I then learned about Koizyme. I immediately jumped at the chance to at least try something that I thought probably wouldn't help but I didn't think it would hurt anything either.

To my delight and surprise, I haven't had any occurrence of a bacterial lesion in any fish since I started using Koizyme. NOT ONE ! Not a scientific study to be sure, since there are a lot of other variables going on in my pond such as better food regimen, different koi show related procedures and better quarantine facilities. But I'm using the product religiously and I have no plans to quit. Scared to quit actually; injecting as many fish as I was is not very pleasant.

Thanks for the great product,

Jack Marrin
Redlands, CA


To :

From : Brunscanada

Date : March 23, 2000

RE : KI Nitrifier-TX

Mr. Holder :

Tom Lansing sent the KI Nitrifier-TX in a styrofoam container with ice packs and the container was quite cold when I received it. He apparently knows what he was doing. I don't know if you know this, but Mr. Lansing sent this to me at his complete expense and I've never even met him before. Two days after using the product my nitrites went from 3ppm to almost zero. Living up here in Canada it is sometimes difficult to get products that are otherwise available to people in the US. I know I would have lost many more fish if it weren't for Mr. Lansing being to generous with his time and sending me something he thought might help.