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Advanced Koi Care

Advanced Koi Care

by Dr. Nicholas Saint-Erne, DVM

This is one of two books that every hobbyist should have. This book was used as the textbook for the AKCA Koi Health Advisors training class.

ADVANCED KOI CARE contains comprehensive and extensive information regarding every aspect of koi health. It has detailed information on husbandry, prevention, treatment and a multitude of of other topics, all illustrated with high quality color photos, this is the must have koi book for every serious koi keeper.

ADVANCED KOI CARE has been revised in Oct. 2010 and has a new "ring" binder system for ease of use.

Suggested Retail Price: $65.00

Koi Health & Disease by Dr. Erik Johnson

Koi Health & Disease by Dr. Erik Johnson

Dr. Erik Johnson's Koi Health & Disease

Step by step, recipe-type instructions on how to navigate through a disease outbreak.

This is the most recent version. 160+ pages long, color cover, 110+ photograph images. Newly revised with 45 page appendix. Over 100 different treatments itemized.

This book belongs in EVERY koi hobbyist's bookshelf.

Suggested Retail Price: $52.00