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Koi Care Kennel Product Line KoiZyme and Nitrifying Bacteria Jump Start

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Jump Start

Jump Start

Jump Start is a professional formula of 50% Nitrosomonas and 50% Nitrobacter nitrifying bacteria. Jump Start is excellent for rapid "cycling" in a new bio-filter or restart of existing bio-filters in Spring or after use of harsh medications. Jump Start does NOT need to be refrigerated during shipping within the U.S. but MUST be kept refrigerated during storage.

Jump Start is manufactured by the makers of KoiZyme and was beta tested for 15 months prior to its 2008 introduction. It was tested by filter manufacters, pond maintenence companies, and many of our dealers here in the U.S.

Available in quarts (treats 1,200 gallons) and gallons (treats 4,800 gallons).

Suggested Retail Price: Quart $37.50, Gallon $110.00